Trend Of The Year – Green Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Some Interesting Ideas for Green Bathroom Design
Are you considering to refresh your bathroom style? If this is the case but cannot do a complete overhaul because of budget constraint, then don`t worry, there are many ways with which you can give a complete new look to your bathroom design without spending too much. You can simply change the paint color, or can install a new set of tiles. Whatever the case may be, you should not forget to include green in your new bathroom design color scheme. A green bathroom design can make your old bathroom look new and refreshing. There are different options in which you can use green color, some of those are as follows.

Green Accent Wall
You can easily give a refreshing new look to your vintage bathroom by painting it in jungle green. This will give a complete new look to your bathroom. Further you can also hang an antique map on the wall and some other complementary natural items. You just have to paint one wall with green color and keep the rest in white shade. This will keep your bathroom look brighter and spacious.

Soft Green Bathroom
This is another option for green bathroom design. You can use soft green color to harmonize and tie the space together. The usage of dark wood and neutrals can give a great feeling of nature. Another thing that you can add to this is to use green granite stone for your bathroom vanity. This will add extra delight to your overall bathroom color and design scheme.

 Mosaic Tile
If you are looking to renovate kid’s bathroom then using green mosaic tile is a great idea. A calming shade can have a beautiful impact on your kids after a long day. Using these tiles will not have a dull impact, but actually they will look good then most of other bright colors like red and blue. The mosaic tile can also give beautiful texture and movement to your space.

These are some easy options when it comes to green bathroom design. You can choose any of these to make your bathroom look great.

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