21 Diy Decoration Ideas Using Wine Cork Are Some Of The Easiest And Most Effective Ideas

One of the easiest objects to use in DIY projects are wine corks. They are extremely versatile, provide very good texture and add a bit of nature to the room. This is the reason there are plenty of DIY decoration ideas using wine corks. The best part is one does not have to be a drinker to have wine corks. These can be obtained from local bars and restaurants too.

One idea is to make wine glass charms using corks. The corks can be cut to the requisite size and painted to reflect one’s name. One can atleast paint the initials of his first name on the cork, making it obvious as to who the glass belongs to. Another very simple DIY decoration ideas using wine corks is to make wreaths. The corks can be strung to shape using a simple string.

These can be hung anywhere and it would make a fine decoration. One can also use wine corks as fillers in vases. After filling a vase with flowers or a candle, if there is some excess space available, this can simply be filled using wine corks. This makes the vase look prettier. Before even considering this idea, please check if the vase is transparent. Filling an opaque vase with wine corks serves no ornamental purpose.

A favorite among DIY decoration ideas using wine corks is to make bulletin board push pins. The corks can be cut and a pin can be pushed inside them. These pins are attractive to look at and are very much visible than usual sized board pins. If one has a lot of wine corks, he can simply use it with his furniture. For example, the top of a table can be covered with wine corks and glass can be used to cover this. This gives the table a unique look.

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