19 Effective Vertical Garden Ideas

A garden is something that all of us desire as it is always nice to have some nature inside the homes as well. However, sometimes no matter how much you love plants, trees and gardens you are not able to find sufficient amount of space to make one. This is where vertical gardens come in, these gardens are not only effective when space is limited instead they look beautiful even if you have a lot of space. They make a find addition to the home and that is why they are love by most people. It is important to know what you are doing when it comes to vertical gardens as there are many small things to look out for. Here you will find just a few vertical garden ideas that can help you make a beautiful garden.

Stand-Alone Wall
This might sound very exciting, but the truth is that a stand-alone wall has its own unique look and feel. Once completed and furnished, this kind of wall looks absolutely beautiful and proves to be a fine home for your flower pots. Making such a wall is very simple, all that is needed is a wooden frame, hex wire and terra cotta pots.

Old Dresser
Using an old dresser as a vertical garden is a great way to reuse old items and also have a beautiful garden. Making such a vertical garden is easy, all you need is an old dresser then you need pullout the drawers, fill them with soil and plant your favorite plants.

These were a few vertical garden ideas that you can use if you want a beautiful little garden for yourself. These gardens look absolutely beautiful and would make a very fine addition to your home, therefore you should start building your own vertical garden right away.

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