17 Exciting Diy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas season is just around the corner. Everyone is preparing for their decorations and Christmas greeting gifts. If you are also in search of some exciting Christmas centerpiece ideas, then following are some suggestions for you.

Cranberry Candles
This is one of the simplest things that you can do. Take five votive candles in different colors and place these in line down in a beautiful red rectangular dish. Now you just need to fill remaining part of dish with cranberries. You can also garnish it with some pine twigs, dust and artificial snow.

Winter Whites
Branches of white pine and white chrysanthemums can make a beautiful winter centerpiece. A sleek pillar candle can get things together in middle of wooden bowl. Making of this Christmas centerpiece idea require you to cut florists foam, make it wet and then place it in bowl. Now you need to insert the candle in its center and then pushes mum stems and pine branches into the foam. You can try white football mums, white spider chrysanthemums and white garden mums for different blossoms.

Tower of Apples
Another easy Christmas centerpiece idea is to display green apples. You need to take a glass jar, fill it with apples. To give a wintry feeling you need to mix in loose green. Now you can place this jar on a beveled edge mirror. You can also add some more greens like candles of various sizes or ball ornaments.

Clear Glass sparkle
You can create another beautiful Christmas centerpiece with variety of lightly tinted or clear glass bottles. You can fill these bottles with small glass balls or some greenery.

These are few Christmas centerpiece ideas from which you can choose the best one as per your choice or liking. You can mix these ideas with some of your own changes to give a personalized look.

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